Google Pixel Fold: Release Date for the Foldable Leaked

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A new leak has suggested the release date for the much-anticipated Google Pixel Fold, the folding phone from the tech giant Google. The device is expected to be a significant competitor to Samsung’s models of foldable phones. According to Roland Quandt, an insider from WinFuture, the Pixel Fold may be available from the second week of June.

Quandt, a reliable tech industry leaker, tweeted on March 14th that the Pixel Fold would come with a base storage of 256GB and would be available in black/dark gray or white. He also confirmed the name of the model and added information about another expected phone from the brand, the Google Pixel 7a, which will have a single 128GB model, more color options, and will also be available in June.

The Pixel Fold has been rumored for a long time, and there have been speculations that it would be announced at some point in the coming months. Now we know what it looks like, when it will arrive, and its possible price.

WinFuture reported that the phone could cost €1700 or around $1800, although it is not necessarily reliable information. However, this figure aligns with previous rumors. We will likely not know the price for sure until the official announcement, which should be very soon, given that Google will hold its opening keynote for I/O on May 10th.

The Pixel Fold will have a front display of 5.79 inches and a foldable screen of 7.69 inches on the inside. It is almost certain that it will be powered by a Google Tensor chip.

The Google Pixel Fold is set to take on the reigning champion of book-style foldable phones, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. While many flip phones have come and gone, none have quite challenged the Fold’s dominance in the market. That is until the Pixel Fold was rumored to be in the works. It is said to have the signature Pixel DNA and a book-style folding design. Renders of the device have been circulating online, and it was even reportedly spotted on a train in New York.

According to a more comprehensive leak from WinFuture, the Pixel Fold could be released as soon as the second week of June. This suggests that the device could be unveiled in full at Google’s I/O event in May. WinFuture also suggests that there will only be one storage variant of the Pixel Fold, with 256GB of storage. However, another source, SnoopyTech, claims that there will also be a 512GB variant. They also have differing opinions on the price of the device. WinFuture estimates the Pixel Fold to cost around €1,700, while SnoopyTech believes it will be cheaper.

The Pixel Fold will be available in two color options, ‘Porcelain’ and ‘Carbon,’ which likely translate to white and black. There may be a texture or metallic element added to the colors to give them some extra flair, but this is yet to be confirmed. The price of the Pixel Fold is the make-or-break factor, with €1,700 being too steep for some. It would undercut the Samsung offering slightly, but not enough to justify taking a chance on an unproven device. Ideally, a price point around £1,300 would be perfect, offering users the upgrade of a foldable at the same price as a top-end slab phone like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra or the iPhone 14 Pro Max. We will have to wait and see what the official price will be. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait for too much longer.

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