iPhone 14 Brings Lifesaving Emergency SOS Feature to New Zealand and Australia

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The iPhone 14 is bringing its Emergency SOS satellite feature to New Zealand and Australia, enhancing connectivity in countries known for their vast wilderness areas often without cellular service. This innovative tool could be a game-changer in regions with significant cellular dead zones.

The Emergency SOS feature, initially launched last year, was first available to users in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and the UK. It’s now making its way to other parts of the globe, starting with New Zealand and Australia. All iPhone 14 users, including those with iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max models on iOS 16.4 or later, will have access to this feature. Best of all, it’s free for two years following activation.

Michelle Rowland, Australia’s minister of communications, has voiced the significance of remaining connected in regional, rural, and remote areas. The Emergency SOS feature is considered a robust backup for Australians to stay connected in emergencies, especially when mobile coverage is absent.

Activating Emergency SOS via satellite is straightforward. It requires a long press on the power and volume buttons, or rapidly pressing the power button five times. The interface then guides users on the optimal direction to point their iPhone for the best signal. Once connected, users can open a message interface with emergency service providers, and the phone will also communicate the user’s location. Ideally, users will receive a message indicating that responders have been notified and should stay put.

The Emergency SOS feature also allows users to share their location with family members in non-emergency situations through the Find My app. Users simply open the Me tab, swipe up to see My Location via Satellite, and tap Send My Location. This feature is compatible with iPhone and Apple Watch Crash and Fall Detection features.

Since its inception, the Emergency SOS via satellite feature has already saved lives in the 12 countries where it’s been available. Users are advised to be patient when using the feature, as it may take a few minutes for even short messages to get through due to the low bandwidth and high speeds of satellites.

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