Xiaomi Debuts Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition at MWC 2023: Revolutionary Augmented Reality Experience

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Xiaomi has made a groundbreaking announcement at the Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC 2023), introducing the Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition. These cutting-edge wireless augmented reality glasses utilize distributed computing and offer a retina-level adaptive display that adjusts to the lighting environment. With connectivity through Snapdragon Spaces and smartphones, they provide advanced hand tracking, compatibility with a wide range of applications for larger screens, and pioneering device compatibility.

The Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition is designed for an individualized experience without the need for wired connections. Weighing only 126 grams, the glasses employ high-speed interconnection buses developed by Xiaomi for a fast data connection between smartphones and augmented reality glasses. Built on the Snapdragon┬« XR2 Gen 1 platform and featuring Xiaomi’s patented low-latency communication link, these glasses achieve a wireless latency of just 3ms between mobile devices and glasses, and a full link latency of only 50ms, comparable to wired connections.

These lightweight augmented reality glasses incorporate a range of light materials, including magnesium-lithium alloy, carbon fiber components, and a proprietary siloxane anode battery. Designed to minimize physical strain on the user, the glasses have been meticulously calibrated using tens of thousands of head tracking data points, accounting for factors such as center of gravity, leg distance, angle, nose support, and more.

The Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition boasts a near-eye retina-level display for augmented reality glasses, featuring electrochromic shading for color change with a single button. Achieving a pixel-per-degree (PPD) of 58, these glasses are among the industry’s first to reach a retina-level display, making it difficult for the human eye to distinguish granularity. The glasses employ freeform optical modules, MicroOLED displays, and freeform prisms for light guidance, producing bright, clear images with luminosity up to 1200nit.

Xiaomi’s augmented reality glasses also incorporate an innovative micro-gesture interaction, allowing users to interact with high-precision single-hand gestures. The glasses are equipped with a low-power AON camera for extended gesture interaction and can be paired with conventional smartphone controls for gesture or touch control.

The Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition supports a wide range of large-screen applications and offers unique augmented reality experiences in conjunction with Xiaomi’s vast expertise in device interconnection. Popular apps like TikTok and YouTube can be optimized for the glasses’ display area, effectively turning them into a portable large screen. The glasses also enable users to place familiar applications anywhere in their field of view and adjust the interface size using spatial gestures, enhancing efficiency and the overall information access experience.

The Xiaomi Wireless AR Glasses Discovery Edition requires pairing with the Xiaomi 13 or another Snapdragon Spaces-compatible device. The glasses will be available in titanium color and support three nose bridge sizes. Myopic users can utilize an attachable clip. The glasses are compatible with Qualcomm Snapdragon Spaces, OpenXR, and the Microsoft MRTK development framework, and Xiaomi plans to work closely with developers to accelerate the advent of augmented reality.

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