Tesla’s Cybertruck Deliveries Set to Begin in Q3 2023

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Tesla’s innovative and sharp-angled electric truck, the Cybertruck, has faced significant delays since its inception. However, the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, confirmed during a recent earnings call that the first batch of these high-tech vehicles would be delivered to customers in the third quarter of 2023.

The Cybertruck was first announced in 2019 with the promise of starting production in 2021 and deliveries soon after. However, unforeseen challenges, including the truck’s heavy reliance on computer chips and Tesla’s ambitious plan to incorporate 4680 battery cells, caused the electric vehicle (EV) maker to push back production until 2022.

Disappointment among early adopters grew in January of 2023 when Tesla announced that mass production wouldn’t start until 2024. But now, things are finally looking up. Musk informed investors that Tesla has been making Alpha test versions of the Cybertruck on its pilot line while it finishes constructing the volume manufacturing line at its Texas Gigafactory.

Musk confirmed that, barring any further complications, the first delivery event is expected to occur “probably in Q3” of 2023. The production of the Cybertruck is expected to follow an S curve, starting slowly and increasing pace later. The CEO assured investors that there has been substantial demand for the electric truck, which he believes is “a fantastic product—a hall of famer.”

Due to the Cybertruck’s unique design and features, including its stainless steel body and custom windshield wiper, it takes longer to get the manufacturing line running at full capacity. As a result, volume production will most likely not begin until 2024.

There have also been cost changes throughout the Cybertruck’s pre-production timeline. While the single-motor configuration was initially set to start at $39,900, Musk hinted at a potential price increase. The final cost, however, has yet to be confirmed. The same applies to the Cybertruck’s three-motor configuration, which will cost more than its original $70,000 starting price.

With over a million pre-orders to deliver, the updated price for the Cybertruck will likely be revealed closer to mass delivery. Despite the delays and potential price changes, the anticipation for Tesla’s groundbreaking electric pickup remains high.

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