Pioneering the Future of Space Habitation: The Airbus LOOP

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Embodying decades of experience in human spaceflight, the Airbus LOOP signifies a revolutionary leap towards the future of long-term space missions. Its design focuses on ensuring comfort for its inhabitants while maintaining efficient and sustainable operations.

The Airbus LOOP is a multi-purpose orbital module that is a result of extensive research and innovative thinking. This groundbreaking technology is positioned to become a part of any future space infrastructure, whether it be institutional or commercial.

Designed to accommodate the future generation of super-heavy launchers, the Airbus LOOP boasts an impressive diameter of 8 meters (approximately 26 feet), offering an unprecedented amount of space for crews onboard. This robust module provides maximum protection against external factors and is ready for immediate operation upon reaching orbit.

The module’s three-tiered structure includes a Habitation Deck, a Science Deck, and a Centrifuge that simulates gravity conditions, thereby reducing the physiological stress of weightlessness. It comfortably houses a four-person crew, though it can temporarily host up to eight astronauts if needed. This module is compatible with all existing and future crew and cargo vehicles.

A unique feature of the Airbus LOOP is its central ‘Tunnel’, surrounded by a greenhouse structure. This separation into different decks allows for an internal ‘safe harbour’ concept.

The Airbus LOOP also presents a modular approach, allowing customers to modify the deck selection according to their mission objectives. Operators have the option to replace any or all of the three decks with their custom designs. The option to connect several Airbus LOOP Modules to form a larger station with a variety of decks is also possible.

Beyond the orbital module, Airbus provides a range of services and products under the Airbus LOOP umbrella. These include consulting services, power generation and management systems, environmental control and life support systems, payload design, integration and hosting services, and outfitting elements.

Relying on its rich heritage from major human spaceflight programmes like the ISS Columbus Module, the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), and the Orion European Service Module (ESM), Airbus is committed to shaping the future of human spaceflight in partnership with global entities.


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