The Ultimate Summer Gadget: Anker’s EverFrost, the Electric Portable Cooler on Wheels

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With summer just around the corner, many of us are excited about the warmer weather and all the outdoor activities that come with it. An essential item for these adventures is a high-quality cooler to keep our food and drinks chilled. Anker’s EverFrost is an innovative alternative to traditional coolers like Yeti, offering electric-powered cooling without the need for ice.

Anker, a renowned brand in the battery industry, has used its expertise to create the EverFrost cooler. This revolutionary cooler uses a high-efficiency cooling compressor in combination with a 7mm thick impermeable strip and a 50mm insulating layer to maintain cold temperatures inside while keeping noise levels below 42dB.

The EverFrost features a removable 299Wh battery, which allows for easy charging without carrying the entire cooler to an outlet. Additionally, the battery has USB and USB-C ports for charging other devices. On a full charge, the smallest 33L version of the electric cooler can maintain an internal temperature of 39 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 42 hours.

Of course, the cooling time will vary depending on the cooler’s size and usage. The 43L version can keep contents cool for around 36 hours, while the largest 53L model can last for slightly over 27 hours on a single charge. Furthermore, the EverFrost can hold temperatures between -4 to 68 degrees F, with the 53L version offering dual-zone cooling for both chilled and frozen items.

As for storage capacity, the 33L model can hold up to 38 cans, the 43L model can accommodate 54 cans, and the 53L model can fit 62 cans. The EverFrost also comes with a range of handy features, such as a built-in bottle opener, pull-out handle for easy transportation, smartphone app for remote temperature control, and compatibility with solar panels for charging when away from a power source.

However, the EverFrost’s price may be a deterrent for some, with the 33L model retailing at $799 and the 53L model at $949. For those willing to take a risk, Anker has launched a Kickstarter campaign offering early bird discounts, with the EverFrost 30 available for $439, the EverFrost 40 for $469, and the EverFrost 50 for $569 in limited quantities.

Despite the potential risks associated with crowdfunding campaigns, the Anker EverFrost cooler could be an excellent investment for those seeking a reliable and innovative alternative to traditional coolers.

Versatile App Control

Users can control the cooler from near and far away with the Anker mobile app. Capabilities include:

  • Temperature control
  • Battery power status
  • Power on/off
  • Voltage protection level

Product Specifications:

  • 2x USB-A (12W each)
  • 1x USB C (60W) Input/Output power
ModelAnker EverFrost
30 (33L)
Anker EverFrost
40 (43L)
Anker EverFrost
50 (53L)
Cooler Time: 39°F (4°C)42 hours35.8 hours27 hours
Cooler Time: 32°F (0°C)35 hours30 hours20 hours
Cooler Capacity33L/8.7 gal43L/11.36 gal53L/14 gal
No. of 12 oz. aluminum cans38 cans54 cans62 cans
Size65 x 43 x 48.7 cm74 x 43 x 48.7 cm86 x 43 x 48.7 cm
Weight22.2 kg / 48.9 lbs 24 kg / 52.9 lbs 27.5 kg / 50.3 lbs 
Battery Capacity299Wh299Wh299Wh
Max Solar Power100W100W100W
Adapter Power95W95W95W
Connections2x USB-A (12W each)1x USB C (60W)
Input/Output power
2x USB-A (12W each)1x USB C (60W)
Input/Output power
2x USB-A (12W each)1x USB C (60W)
Input/Output power
Temperature Range-20°C – 20°C / -4°F – 68°F-20°C – 20°C / -4°F – 68°F-20°C – 20°C / -4°F – 68°F

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