Revolutionizing Radiology: OXOS Medical Secures $23M Series A for “Radiology Department in a Box” Solution

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OXOS Medical, a leading MedTech innovator, has recently secured $23 million in Series A funding, co-led by Parkway Venture Capital and Intel Capital. With a mission to bridge the global healthcare divide, OXOS Medical aims to expand its revolutionary X-ray solutions into clinical, mobile, and home care settings across mature and emerging markets.

Tackling the Global Radiology Shortage

Demand for radiology services has been steadily rising since 2013, and there is a growing shortage of radiologists and radiation technologists worldwide. OXOS Medical addresses this issue by developing technology that can be used in diverse environments by users with varying levels of training.

Innovative, Smart, and Safe Radiation Technology

OXOS Medical’s devices offer exceptional image sharpness and clarity with an incredibly low radiation profile. The company combines advanced image processing, computer vision, X-ray detector improvements, easy ergonomics, and innovative X-ray tube architecture to deliver safer devices with significantly reduced radiation exposure.

These devices can provide both static images (digital radiography) and live imaging (dynamic digital radiography), making them suitable for both diagnostic and surgical radiography in any setting. Additionally, OXOS devices connect directly to the OXOS Cloud Platform, allowing physicians to instantly access radiographic studies from anywhere on any device.

Redefining Healthcare with the Micro C®

In 2022, OXOS Medical launched its first FDA-approved device, the Micro C®. This handheld dynamic digital radiographic X-ray system is faster, safer, and smarter than conventional X-ray solutions. It has already won over numerous orthopedic customers, including the VA, urgent care facilities, NFL teams, and medical education institutions.

Paving the Way for the Future of Radiology

With support from Parkway Venture Capital and Intel Capital, OXOS Medical is set to revolutionize the radiology industry. By making X-ray technology more accessible, safe, and efficient, OXOS is changing the game for healthcare providers and patients alike.

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