Lilium’s eVTOL Demonstrator Achieves Target Maximum Speed, Advances Towards Certification

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Lilium, an eVTOL aircraft developer, has reached a crucial milestone as its Phoenix 2 tech demonstrator achieved its targeted maximum speed of approximately 155 mph (136Kts or 250+ km/h) during a flight test earlier this month. This accomplishment brings Lilium one step closer to the certification of its conforming aircraft, as it validates the stability and controllability of the aircraft and control software at high speeds.

The Phoenix 2 aircraft has been performing test flights in Spain since spring 2022, with a successful main wing transition flight achieved in June. Following the completion of its second and third Design Organization Approval (DOA) audits by EASA in April and December 2022, Lilium is working towards type certification for its eVTOL aircraft with both EASA and the FAA.

Lilium Jet, the company’s eVTOL concept, aims to optimize the compromise between vertical takeoff and landing capabilities and energy consumption. The aircraft’s sleek design, wing and canard surfaces, and multiple electric motors driving ducted fans contribute to a high lift-to-drag ratio, allowing it to achieve impressive range and cruising speed while using only around 10% of the available power.

The company has collaborated with Collins Aerospace, Denso, Honeywell, Diehl Aviation, and Expliseat for various components and systems of the Lilium Jet. Launch operator eVolare will operate the aircraft from London Oxford Airport in the premium sector. Lilium is now entering a component testing phase, with conforming aircraft production expected in Q3/Q4 2023, EASA certification flight trials to follow, and certification anticipated in 2025.

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