Apple Watch Ultra: A Revolution in Wearables and Extreme Sports Technology

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The unveiling of the first Apple Watch Ultra was a game-changing event for wearables not seen since the inception of the original Apple Watch. With the continuous evolution of Apple’s wearable lineup, it’s unclear what the renewal cycle will be for this range. However, one thing is certain – this is only the beginning, and recent leaks suggest exciting improvements are in store for future models, including shared advancements with other Apple devices.

Apple’s commitment to enhancing the quality of its product displays is well-established. We’ve already witnessed the adoption of miniLED technology in the larger models of the 2021 and 2022 iPad Pros. Just a year ago, rumors circulated that Apple had increased the production of such panels for more devices.

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The next step is the implementation of microLED technology in the Apple Watch. Earlier this year, predictions of an ‘Ultra’ featuring this technology by 2024 emerged, and recent reports now extend that timeframe to 2025. Regardless, these updates make it clear that the future of Apple Watch lies in microLED, starting with the premium range represented by the ‘Ultra.’

The Apple Watch Ultra is designed for extreme sports enthusiasts and prioritizes durability – both in terms of physical construction and battery life. With a battery life of up to 36 hours under normal usage (double that of the Apple Watch Series 8), and new low-power options extending it to 60 hours, the Ultra is a powerful and reliable wearable companion.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch Ultra features a redesigned physical button and dual-frequency GPS, making it an ideal choice for those who engage in demanding physical activities, from scaling the highest mountains to diving into the depths of the sea.

The Ultra’s microLED display signifies Apple’s strong commitment to advancing display technology. As the largest, most durable, and longest-lasting Apple Watch yet, it includes features such as water resistance up to 100 meters and cellular connectivity. For those who already own an Apple Watch, transforming it into an Ultra with a specialized case is an option.

The Ultra’s GPS capabilities exceed all expectations, offering some of the most precise and reliable step detection on the market. By combining data from Apple Maps and the GPS, the watch can recognize when you’re running or walking, providing impressively accurate results.

Other sports watches often require users to input specific track profiles and complete multiple runs to calibrate the GPS. However, the Apple Watch Ultra streamlines this process, automatically detecting and interpreting the necessary information.

With its powerful battery life, accurate dual-frequency GPS, and other advanced features, the Apple Watch Ultra has become a superstar in the sports world. However, its high price tag – listed at €999 on Apple’s website – may deter some potential buyers. Considering these factors, would you invest in Apple’s revolutionary wearable?

Apple Watch Ultra Features:

  • Ideal companion for a healthier lifestyle
  • Advanced health sensors, including a temperature sensor for relevant information about women’s health
  • Innovative safety features, such as Crash Detection
  • Durable and impressive design
  • Powerful sensors to monitor activity, health, and safety
  • Faster dual-core processor for optimized performance
  • Strongest and most equipped Apple Watch
  • Robust titanium case
  • Precision GPS with dual frequency
  • Up to 36 hours of battery life
  • Three optimized straps for various adventures
  • Available with GPS + Cellular
  • 49mm case
  • Flat sapphire front glass with edge protection
  • IP6X dust resistance certification
  • Tested according to MIL-STD 810H standard
  • Customizable Action button
  • Always-on Retina display with up to 2,000 nits brightness
  • 27% larger display than Apple Watch SE
  • Water-resistant, designed for swimming and recreational diving up to 40 meters
  • EN13319 certification
  • Depth gauge with water temperature sensor
  • Oceanic+ app for dive computer functionality (available on the App Store)
  • Blood Oxygen app
  • High and low heart rate notifications
  • Aerobic capacity notifications
  • Temperature sensor
  • Cycle Tracking with retrospective ovulation estimates
  • Emergency SOS
  • International emergency calls
  • Fall Detection
  • Crash Detection
  • High-force g accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Return Compass
  • 86-decibel siren, audible up to 180 meters
  • Redesigned Compass app with Landmark and Return features
  • Precision GPS with dual frequency
  • Always-on altimeter
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Up to 36 hours battery life
  • Fast charging

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